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Cantilever Pools

A cantilever pool is a specific type of swimming pool design where the edge of the pool extends beyond the supporting wall structure, creating a visually arresting floating effect.

Negative Edge Pools

A negative edge pool, also known as a “vanishing edge” pool, is designed to create the illusion that the water is flowing over the edge of the pool, disappearing into the horizon. This effect is achieved by having one or more edges of the pool lower than the water level, allowing the water to spill over into a catch basin or trough. Negative edge pools can be particularly impressive when situated on a hillside or overlooking a scenic view.

Vanishing Edge or Infinity Pools

An infinity edge pool, on the other hand, creates a similar effect by having one edge of the pool disappear into the horizon, but without the use of a catch basin or trough. Instead, the water spills over the edge and into a secondary pool or reservoir, which recirculates the water back into the main pool. This design gives the illusion of an infinite pool, with no visible edge or boundary.

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